Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

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Re: Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

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Classic Shell still works in the latest version of Windows 10 or you can use Open Shell which is largely based on Classic Shell

Note you can configure Classic / Open Shell so mouse hover over the Start icon opens Classic / Open Shell and left click opens the Windows 10 Start menu - so you can use either.

I've been using Classic Shell since I've upgraded my OS to W10. I hated the screen poluted with all those stupid tiles. Still works great, no issues.

I am using W10 since it was released. Never ever had a screen polluted with tiles. Could you please elaborate what are you talking about?

Those silly gigantic tiles

They look like something from kindergarten.

You can simply remove the tiles if you don't like them.
Right click a tile and "Unpin from Start".
Start menu tiles have always been optional:
How to Remove Tiles and Get Classic Start Menu

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