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Re: 1600mm: Digital Teleconverter on G9

Eric Nepean wrote:

dbelling wrote:

I have experimented using both 2x and 4x with my PL50-200 mounted on my G9 and using test charts. The ptotos using 2x turned out to be quite sharp, but the 4x photos were definitely not sharp at all. At least now I know to never use 4x.

Regards, Dave

I have the same result with the GX8 and PL100-400.

Not a surprise.

Agreed. I was really surprised at how sharp the test chart photos were using 2x digital zoom with my PL 50-200, so I thought for fun I would try the same setup using 4x. I didn't expect those shots to be as good, but I was amazed at just how bad they were. Really soft and mushy throughout the frame.

Regards, Dave

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