Any experience with Oppo Find X2 Pro?

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Re: Any experience with Oppo Find X2 Pro?

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Good day,

I have been doing a lot of research towards purchasing my smartphone replacement to Samsung S8+. I was quite convinced to equip myself with the new Sony Xperia 1 II being the Sony full frame shooter, but the more I read about it the more hesitant I become.

In fact, I started looking at other alternatives and among many excellent options ~Oppo Find X2 Pro caught my eye. Supposedly phenomenal performance as a smartphone, with really nice camera output. The argument against the Xpreria is that it requires a lot of manual input to get the picture right - but, I use my full frame for those well prepared shots. I need an instant action device to catch whatever there is to catch with not much setting interaction form my side. Oppo seems to match what I need having the (apparently) best zoom performance of all smartphones at the moment.

I can get a pretty good bargain on this phone of less than 900USD in Asia, but I would appreciate any first hand feedback from anyone who has used one.

Thank you


IMO (without using one) , the Oppo Find X2 Pro has one of the best cameras out there right now. Natural colors, great details, great combination of lenses.
What I don't love :
1. Software support for global user. They are just not very common globally yet (excluding Oneplus and Realme).
2. Relatively small battery for a the hardware. It can charge really fast though.
3. Getting replacements in the future (if needed).
4. Curved screen. I hate that.. My phone has that too, it's awful.
Camera only - one of the best performers, if not THE best performer IMO.

Thanks. I wonder if you could please answer some questions for me about using the Oppo Find X2 Pro camera:

1. Can RAW files be shot with all three lenses, or just the main one?

2. Are RAW files 12 or 48MP, or can you choose?

3. When shooting RAW files, can you also select continuous drive or exposure bracketing?

4. In the Pro mode that must be selected to shoot RAW, can you control exposure mode (program, aperture priority, manual), exposure compensation, ISO setting, metering mode (average, spot etc) and focus mode (single AF/continuous AF, portrait/eye AF, etc)?

5. Have you opened the RAW files in LightRoom or similar? If so, how do they look? In particular what's the dynamic range and noise like vs other smartphones?

Hello mate,

I've finally bought this phone so I can give you answers on that as follow:

  1. All cameras can shoot RAW;
  2. Raw files are 12MP and that setting can't be changed;
  3. I don't see such options;
  4. Yes, every parameter can be changed
  5. In comparison with my previous Galaxy S9 (1/2.55" sensor), the noise is almost half. Images are sharper with more detail at the same resolution. Dynamic range seems similar, still, I don't have enough feel for that. However, the files need more work in terms of colour and highlight/shadow sharp roll-offs.

Hope this helps.

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