Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

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Re: Cheap FX that is still worth buying?

Not sure what markets you have access to in Ireland, but UK prices for older FX Nikons are becoming quite interesting.  If you like the D600 it is probably the best value for money, prices have pretty much slipped below the old D700 now especially if you buy privately.  The oil spot issue seems to have tainted the model permanently, but it's no big deal if you know how to clean your own sensor.

The D610 commands higher premiums, but evens so a fair 610 is almost the same price as a really good 700 now, in which case I'd rather have the 700.  You could even get a reasonable D3 for about the same money as a D610.  A bit left field is the D800 - well ragged examples are now down around £500 over here, which again puts it in the same ball park as the D610, D3 and pristine D700's.  I have also seen well used D750's for under £650, which is probably too much of a risk.

I don't have the experience to comment on the relative low light capabilities of all these cameras, I had a D700 and a D610 and the D610 could be pushed further, but I preferred the colours of the D700.

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