Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

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Re: Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

I don’t think the selection process has really changed, even though the technology is changing. Folks still need to assess their needs and see what fits their budget.

For those with an adequate budget, then it’s obvious where the technology and improved capabilities of mirrorless are taking us. We’re right smack in the middle of a major paradigm shift, second only to the advancement from film to digital. ML is going to change the way we shoot.

I think for the funds-limited bang-for-the-buck crowd, that the used market and close-outs (esp for DSLRs) would be the most cost effective route, at least in the short term. Folks are going to be unloading their DSLRs in droves (at least in the Canon world). EF lenses will follow, but will still remain viable for the foreseeable future (they’ll be THE choice for bargain hunters as the RF line fills out).

I think the best advice for those who do want to make the switch, but don’t have the immediate need for the new tech, should wait a little bit for the inevitable new lower tier ML bodies to come out. In Canon-land there’ll be R and RP replacements, and perhaps a Rebel-level R Series? There are definitely gaps now at the appx $1800, $1300, and $900 price points (R and RP notwithstanding). Canon’s RF lens release roadmap (existing and speculated) is certainly now aimed directly at the masses. The other manuf are advancing and growing their line-ups too of course.

The early adopters and Pros will always be paying the premium (ala R5 and R6), but I think the enthusiasts are really in for a treat too this next year   .


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