Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

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Re: Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

highlights wrote:

We have just completed another block course with enthusiast amateurs and the inevitable discussion on “where from here in terms of gear” occupy much of the wrap up session. Most had Canon XXX or older XX gear (or Nikon/Pentax etc) in cropped or others with 4/rds etc Couple had 6D mk1 or d750 etc

The original 6D is still an outstanding camera.  I still shoot mine along with the R.

For Canon (and to a lessor extent Nikon users) the new mount and system provide a dichotomy. The new mirror-less mounts are the future no doubt, but the costs are beyond them if they are to enhance or move to a full frame kit.

They are nice cameras.  The difference is more in handling and features than IQ.

Most are (this specific block course targets them) are landscapers, flora with a few into fauna, often birders,. Of course, they do other general stuff as well. For landscape the MPX is king, for fauna good frame rates, fast focusing and good reach. For most a holy trinity of say F4 15-35mm, 28-70/105mm and 70-200mm is a good start although the latter can be 100-400mm or the like.

You need the full range, if you are a generalist.  Some people shoot one or two types of photos and therefore need only one or two lenses.  Maybe they are the smart ones.  I, on the other hand, like to be able to shoot everything.

Taking the current Canon situation for the same price as an R6 and a RF24-105 f4 they can buy a new 5DS (not R which we can not now source new) or a new 90D and new the trinity F4 of 15-200mm as above and a 1.4x converter. For the price of an R5 plus the RF24 105 they can buy new both 5DS and the 90D and the trinity and an L prime. Or swap out the 5DS, forget the prime, and get a 5DIV. Then buy an Rx when they can afford it as pricing stabilises – as they can still use their EF glass.

And of course, in the second hand market there is near new gear makes such a kit even better value.

This latter – as a suggestion - gives them Higher MPX images albeit on an older camera, and a fast-ish modern crop that has a very good focus and track system, and whose 1.6x crop adds reach to their glass.

How do others see this scenario?

I started out with the 60D and three EF-S zooms, in the range you described, and one fast prime.  I could have bought and older FF camera with a lens of some kind for the same money.

I would rather buy cheaper gear and get a complete system than better gear and have gaps in what I am able to shoot, because I am a generalist.

I could do all of my business photos and all of my hobby photos with older gear, going all the way back to the original 6D, without a drop in IQ that my clients would notice.  I might get fewer keepers per shoot, so I might have to shoot more images to get what I want.  I might have to spend more time.

Going to a cheaper new system is a conundrum, because they just don't have the same selection and quality of APS-C lenses, except maybe with Fuji, which cost as much as getting lower end or used FF lenses.

If money is tight, I'd say go for the older FF DSLR and used L lenses.

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