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Re: Mask Up

EZGritz wrote:

If you only touch the side of the mask facing away from your face it should not be a problem if you touch it repeatedly. While it's on your face it will capture some of the virus if its a proper mask. The less virus that gets into your system the less sick you become - if at all. Most immune systems can suppress some of it. Depends on how healthy you are. If you expose the mask to sunlight it will kill the virus.Don't touch your face with your hand before washing your hand. This is hard to avoid. I always wash my hands when I arrive home - when I remember to.

I always do that too. Hands, lower arms and face. Hands twice. Shops ran out of alcohol in few days. After a while I managed to get hold of half a liter - to a much higher price than before the pest, of course. I've only used 1/4 of that. I was lucky and found some "spray pens" that can be refilled at the back of a drawer in my desk. I spray when I come out of shops where I have touched things, but I try to shop just once a week. Some shops and also the post office has alcohol one can use, so that's good.

I always bring the mask home and throw it away with the trash so it ends up in a landfill.

No form of protection is perfect if you are out in public. No protection = is worse, IMO.

I don't think the mask protects the wearer at all. It protects others from the wearer.

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