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Re: Mask Up

In my country the authorities advice against wearing a mask. One of their reasons is that if handled wrong they can increase the risk.

Originally I thought that advice was really stupid. But I've changed my mind somewhat. I constantly see people that have managed to source some now very expensive masks handle them wrong. They touch them with their hands. They pull them down to eat or even to talk to someone (!!!) and then pull them up again. They take them off coming out of a shop and put them in their pocket only to take the same mask from their pocket and put it on before entering the next shop. I've even seen people throw used masks in open waste baskets. Someone is going to empty that waste baskets och poor people dig through the baskets looking for deposit cans and bottles. I see masks on the streets among the other garbage.

Of course, if the advice had been to wear masks maybe there would also have been a lot of information in papers and on TV about how to handle them correctly and maybe people would have listened and learnt.

All in all, I've gone from pro masks to being on the fence about them.

So I don't know if masks are good or bad, but I know I think your images are good.

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