Why does Lightroom's "Auto" feature always change the exposure?

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Re: Why does Lightroom's "Auto" feature always change the exposure?

I'm not a scientist, but here is my take.... You camera's light meter is calibrated to measure 18% gray (or a luminance of 18% gray). If you are using spot, center weighted, etc. it doesn't matter, whatever the type of method you use, it will come up with an 18% gray calculation. This is why it is so important to compensate for snow scenes, night photography, dark environments, etc....you would not want the meter to come up with an exposure that brightens up what should be a dark scene... I usually am my meter to what I would like to be the baseline of 18%, use ael (exposure lock) then recompose my image.

The math in LR's auto exposure is probably doing it's calculation based on a different calculation, just as it may often change the color temperature if done left done automatically..



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