Remove Nikon p1000 exposure limits

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Re: Remove Nikon p1000 exposure limits

RoLu wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Not sure they thought folks buying a superzoom would use it for long exposures.

I think they had other shooters in mind when making the worlds longest reaching superzoom.

They only recently added RAW.

I bought it for bird spotting and photography. Just wanted to test it for astrophotography too because of the high magnifications.

I see.

I have two dslr camera and telescope that I use for astrophotography mainly.

I' m clueless about this.

I hope some day someone makes custom firmware to get rid of exposure limits.

I hope for you they do. But firmware wont help the noise.

Yeah but I'm going to do image stacking, so noise doesn't matter.

Oh. OK.

Haven't done any of that yet.

I was trying to think what Nikon designed this camera for. Of course whatever we want to shoot with it, is up to us.

I've yet to venture into Astrophotography.

60 second exposure is too short for deepsky astrophotography with big F numbers.

Oh. Didnt know this either.

Seems I opened my mouth too soon

I'm doing some long exposure astrophotography of deep sky objects with my p1000 and equatorial tracking mount soon.

Would love to see some of these type shots from you.

Hope it works out for you.

Stay healthy


Thanks, you too.



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