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Re: Smoke in Paradise

EZGritz wrote:

I'll say out loud the climate has been changing since the beginning of time, since way before people existed. It will keep changing to the end of time. Humans cannot stop it. It is bigger than we are and anything we can do about it. The earth had overheating, global fire, ice ages, plant and animal die-offs. We lived for at least the last 2,000 years without natural disasters on a planetary scale. Time's up.

We don't have the ability to mitigate it yet we are still building new homes and rebuilding burned homes and flooded homes in known fire areas, and flood planes, where it has burned and flooded multiple times in the recent past. The government pays for replacement meaning people who don't live in these areas pay for people who want to live there and rebuild at somebody else's expense. It needs to stop. Want to build in a flood plane or a fire-prone area but can't obtain a mortgage because you can't insure the house? Build where you can insure it. House flooded or burned? Move where it doesn't or rebuild at your own expense. Don't move next to the airport and complain about the noise.

Replacing fossil fuel is decades away, too much to do to go much faster if we want to have power while we transition. It takes decades to build the capacity. Some countries are still increasing the use of fossil fuel including coal - China and India in a very big way, faster than we can reduce fossil fuel use.

Every energy replacement has problems. Not enough storage for wind and solar. It doesn't work at night. Kills wildlife, destroys habitat. Dirty power has to be used to increase the capacity for clean power. Nuclear too expensive to build, dangerous, takes decades to obtain permits.

Convert all the cars and trucks, eventually some airplanes and helicopters to electric power. I'm a big fan of electric cars. New taxes will be needed because the roads will fall apart. Gas tax pays a lot of the cost of building and maintenance. Fossil fuel has to be burned to knock down mountains to mine the materials and to manufacture electric cars and trucks and recycle gas and diesel vehicles.

Even if we do all of it flat out we have to pay up. There is no excuse for three decades of horrible forest management. Now nature will do it.

Definitely a problem.. the earth has been warming since 1900 ..just a symptom ... because Malthus wasn't wrong, he just had bad timing ....


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