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fafitz wrote:

I have occasionally mentioned problems with my Tamron lenses but from time to time I go try them again because I like the image quality compared to all my other choices. So I am in another one of those cycles. This time it is the 18-270 again. Took a couple of shots of our hummers this morning with that lens and was again quite happy with the IQ...

For me, these are pretty good. However, about 1 time out of every 5 or so presses on the shutter button, I get the no lens attached error message. It seems to be random, sometimes a couple of errors in a row, sometimes all is well for3 to 10 shots. This makes the lens not really usable but I continue to like the results when it works. My firmware versions on the V1 are:

A 1.30

B 1.30

L 1.00

S -.--

If anyone has any suggestions to help overcome this, I would greatly appreciate a hint.

I hear you, Frank!  My Tamron lenses are like that, too, and I've come to accept that that's just the way it is.  Unfortunately, installing firmware upgrades make the problem worse -- e.g. AF might not work when it did before, so likely the only solution is to try a new FT1 (if possible now!) and see whether or not any backward compatibility still exists.  If it works, don't upgrade that FT1!

To me, it's just not worth the hassle or expense.  Use manual mode and hopefully that'll be enough to make the camera work.

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