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Rich Z
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Smoke in Paradise

Our reliable onshore wind failed last week and it began to come from the east. It brought heat and smoke.

Until a couple of days ago it stayed up high but now it is on the ground.

This from an evening walk yesterday along Eureka Slough just 1/4 mile from home.

No fog here, all smoke.

It's the same today.

This from day before yesterday, same area as the first. The smoke was still staying high but it was still very dark, almost like dusk.

10:28 A.M., normally, the light would be from the right. I had to use ISO 800, 1/80 with the lens wide open to get enough light, then brighten more in PP.

Here's something you rarely see in my pictures. Water like glass. Wind from the east must top the 3000 foot elevation mountains just behind Humboldt Bay and doesn't get back down to the ground like the onshore flow is. That allows the smoke to settle and stay low.

Looking toward The Pacific. Wide pano of the still high smoke day before yesterday along The Waterfront Trail. Here, last night, same as the first picture.

RCAF Expeditionary Force, medium bombers using the smoke for stealth. It worked, they got my Kia. Their payload mixed with the ash on the car and you can't wipe that grit off without sanding the paint, it must be hosed.

I just realized I'm going backward. I don't care. This is the beginning of the walk above, descending from 40 feet elevation down to sea level.

Next 3 from Thursday last week along The Waterfront Trail near home. The Pacific breeze had just failed and the smoke had come to stay.

Next day I went to Humboldt Hill for the smoky sunset over Humboldt Bay.

I used to feel ghoulish from making pictures of color from tragedy. There have been so many fires in the last few years that I'm getting numb to emotion from it.

This friendly young couple were there to take the sunset, too. We talked while I shot and I told them it was OK to neck and I wouldn't make a picture of that....yes I would have...but they both giggled and did not, Drat !

That's all.

Stay safe, lucky, and well. Rich

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