Any regrets With iOptron Sky Guider + iPolar?

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Re: Any regrets With iOptron Sky Guider + iPolar?

GreatWhiteWing wrote:

If I decide to try some Astro I plan to use my 5D4+16-35 f4 and mount it on "to be purchased" iOptron Skyguider Pro with iPolar to start. I do realize the iPolar is over kill for this setup but keep reading

After that I may try same body with 70-200 f2.8 with or without 1.4x or that lens on a 7D2.

I saw the Williams Optics Redcat 51 as maybe something down the road or something similar.

With those optics will I regret or miss features of a more robust mount with go-to functionality? Should I stretch the budget to over $1000 for a more robust mount like say an HEQ5?

If this aspect of photography isn't something I like re-sale would be a consideration.

IMHO, a 16-35 would be mostly for Milky Way shots, but at those wide angles, a tracker would probably not be necessary. In any case, MW shots are nice, and with all the possibilities for foregrounds, it may satisfy your desires. But it didn't for me. And yes, in this case, ipolar would be way over kill.

If you then want to go after moderately deeper sky objects, and stay with an inexpensive tracker, big aperture will be important. I would think of a Rokinon 135 mm f/2 ($500) for targets like the Rosette Nebula and Sadr Region. The fov would still be large enough that framing wouldn't be a huge problem without a go-to mount, although I would personally rather have one. I'm sure there are some experts who are efficient at framing without go-to, but I've found it to be a challenge, and have experienced an hour(s) of capture time on frames that were just a little too far off. Mostly for that reason, I gave up my Sky Watcher.

In case you want to go to an HEQ5, you may want to think of a Polemaster instead of the iPolar.  I had the Polemaster on my AVX and it worked great.  Now, I have the iPolar on my CEM40 and it also works well.  But I prefer the Polemaster - seems more hands on compared to the auto plate solving of the iPolar.

To get a feel for resale opportunities, take a look at the Cloudy Nights classified forum. I think you would be surprised at how well the prices of astro equipment hold up.

Peruvian Andes, 15,000 ft, untracked. 28 mm f3.5

18,000 ft, untracked under moonlight

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