Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

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Re: Windows 10 make look like Win 7?

ciaran33 wrote:

Hi, my wife is struggling to use her Win 10 laptop, especially now that she needs to do Zoom meetings. She can whizz around her iPad and iPhone better than me, though I like my Mac Book Pro. I've had Windows laptops for years, but the Win 10 interface has me befuddled. There was a Classic Shell app to restore the old Win 7 look, but it hasn't been updated for years. (Dear me, I'm beginning to sound like a Luddite). Any thoughts?

Try telling her that the Win 10 Start Menu is simply a large taskbar, which is what it is. That should sort it out. Did for family members when they first switched to Win 10 Although I had to make the program icons small for one person, because then it looked the same as the taskbar


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