Panasonic sensor generations

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Re: Panasonic sensor generations

Not sure the OP got a straight answer to his question. Yes there were earlier Panasonic 16mp sensors - the GH2 one, later used in the G5 and elsewhere, and the G3 one, later used in the GX1 and elsewhere, but they were both superseded by the GX7 one in 2013. In the meantime, Panasonic made (brief) use of a Sony 16mp sensor in the GH3.

The GX7 sensor was indeed a decisive step above the earlier Panasonic 16mp sensors, and was at least equal to the then-current Sony (see the DXO ratings and also note that Olympus chose to use the Panasonic sensor in the original EM-1). It was used in the GH4 and the GX80/85 (albeit without AA filter).

And I think the improvements in the 20mp sensors can be overstated. Yes, there is more resolution, and yes the colour settings are improved in newer Panasonic cameras, but the noise and dynamic range aren't much different (again see the DXO ratings, and also the DPR Scene comparisons).

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