Next Oly prosumer DSLR? E-30 maybe?

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Bram Bos
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Re: Next Oly prosumer DSLR? E-30 maybe?

My problem with Oly coming out with a consumer version of the E-1
is that I don't see THAT many places for them to cut corners on the
E-1 to bring the price down THAT much, without getting into some of
the E-xx limitations - i.e. slow write time/small buffer.

Not necessarily.. technology has progressed in the meantime..
memory modules aren't as expensive anymore as in the time they
developed the E-20, so the buffer-size is not the factor that makes
or breaks the price. I'm guessing that from a production point of
view the CCD is the most pricey part of the camera (and from a
R&D point of view, likely the built-in processing software) and the
CCD is the key factor to reducing the noise levels. When 4/3rd
sensors get into mass production, they could let this E-30 hop on
the bandwagon with relatively low development costs..

The biggest problem is that customer don't feel like they are
buying into an upgradeable system with that kind of camera. Yet, I
think MANY customers see the DRebel as a "one-time-cost" - they
don't necessarily envision more lenses, etc. They see 1 price, a
few megapixels, and a familiar 35mm form factor, and buy. Maybe I'm
wrong on this....

You could be very right as well.. It makes sense!

The only thing that limits me in the E-10 is the write times.

I was just thinking what limits me personally on the E-10.. and I'd
have to say that it is just the fact that it's only 4mpx. The write-
times have never in any occasion been a limiting factor for me. And I
do consider myself an advanced amateur.


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