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Henry Richardson wrote:

OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

I saw Sony's alpha cameras have a 2x "smart" digital zoom and a 4x option, I wonder what the difference is (other than the magnitude of the magnification) and how Sony's 2x "smart" digital zoom compares to Olympus's 2x

2x uses the central 25% of the pixels so 4x would use the central 12.5% of the pixels. Wait, is that right? 12.5%?

I'm sorry, I do not know the answer to your question. Probably a bit of searching will find the answer though. I suspect that Olympus, Sony, etc. when doing in-camera uprezzing do it on the raw data so it is possible they get slightly better results than doing it later on a computer using a regular tiff or jpeg file.

no it's 1/16 (inv square of 4) so that is 6.25% lol.  I was just wondering if they use some kind of AI algorithms to make good predictions on what the data should look like vs what superzoom cameras like the Nikon P900/950/1000 do.

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