Would you buy an A7R*** in view of Lensrentals' findings?

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Re: Would you buy an A7R*** in view of Lensrentals' findings?

RCicala wrote:

Zephir 750 wrote:

Hello guys,

some three months ago senior member "Jestertheclown" posted this thread on the topic referred to above:


" After many, many months of waiting, I'm finally in a position to buy myself a new camera.

However . . . !

I had decided months ago, that I was going to get an A7RIII and some gear to go with it; quite an expensive purchase, in fact.

So you can imagine how I felt when I read about this IBIS business.

I'm now not quite so sure.

Opinions please? "


The issue was much debated then, but I haven't heard or read anything since.

As I am in the same position as the OP, I was just wondering as to whether the problem has been taken into consideration by Sony.

Does anyone know if they have done or intend to do anything about it?

Any further insights or thoughts?

Many thanks for your attention and very best,


I wouldn't hesitate. First, we found the issue in 2% of bodies in a rental fleet. Second, even in those bodies, which are tested and inspected before and after every rental, they all seemed to work fine for taking pictures, etc. None of those had clear customer complaints. Finally, Sony has a good history of looking at problems and fixing them. We communicate with them quite directly and a number of the cameras we found went straight to Japan for their engineers to evaluate.

Thank you for your clear, factual and reassuring response, Roger. Much appreciated.


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