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significant in one direction, not the other

James Stirling wrote:

I disagree the difference between 24mm and 28mm is quite significant , whether you are shooting a confined space or want a broader view on a landscape .

Jim, I agree with you that the difference is significant when you want to go wider -- i.e. when the problem is that the 28mm isn't wide enough.

But in the other direction -- i.e. when you want the narrower AOV of a 28mm and all you have in your bag is a 24mm -- I don't see a big practical difference. Just shoot with the 24mm and crop out the extra bits you don't need, or, as was suggested, step forward a meter or two.

On a 24-megapixel camera, cropping 12% (horizontal AOV) out of an image to give the field of view of a 28mm lens has a very small downside, IMO, unless you are making very big enlargements and inspecting them (too) closely.

When I bought a 24-megapixel camera, which has a lot of surplus resolution for my needs, I began planning my prime lens purchases with cropping in mind. So a 28mm lens is really two lenses in my mind -- a 28mm and, via cropping, a 35mm.

To me, this practical implication is one of the seldom mentioned advantages of the high resolutions that the megapixel race begat.

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