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vegetaleb wrote:


I have the Z6 with 24-70 f4 and 35 f1.8 S since March, I am very satisfied by the IQ of the Z6 and its lenses, I could never reach this level of details with the Fuji X-T3 and X-T20 I had before even with the legendary 16 f1.4.

Though I am starting to think I will have to go back to Fuji, this is why:

I got the Z6 because I saw the 28mm on the roadmap back in March, it's my favorite FOV as I had both 35 and 24mm on Fuji, the 35 being a tad too narrow and the 24mm too wide, so 28 will be the sweet spot

Unfortunately Nikon doesn't look like it want to release it soon or even in the coming 6 months, and God knows if it will be f2 or f2.8 or f4

You will tell me to use the 24-70 f4, but the thing is that I have found it a bit too heavy (sorry I come from an apsc mirror-less world) and f4 is too slow for night shots

The 35 f1.8 S is a tremendous lens, I got tack sharp photos even wide open ta f1.8, but as I said before it's on the narrow side for me, I can coop with it for most of my photos but I will miss the extra mm of a 28mm, for example I took photos of a destroyed building in Beirut, I had to take 6 photos to stitch them because the street was narrow, and they didn't stitch correctly because there was a difference of geometry, that's the problem of the 35mm even in street.

So unless some experienced Nikon guys here can tell me from experience when Nikon could release the 28mm, I think I will loose patience in some time and start to look elsewhere.

Buy the 24mm f/1.8, apply a 1.17X crop and voila! You have a 28mm f/2 lens!!

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