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Something different than digital .

The Davinator wrote:

eggyolk wrote:

It sucks. Grainy, soft. Greenish yellow undertones. Garbage. Davinator knows better too, clearly.

True. The only nice thing about it really is the price. Gold 200 grain is worse than Portra 400...and it’s far less sharp.

With 5x4 and 120 I'll use either Ektar or Portra 160 .

For 35mm I tend to shoot B&W 99% of the time .

The reason is is that my main full frame cameras a Sony a900 , the results I get from that are what I like , and the results I get from the better colour films are essentially the same .

It has very film like qualities .

So if I'm using my Minolta AF film camera , it'll be loaded with B&W , probably FP4 , HP5 or Rollei IR400 .

And the a900 for any colour .

If I'm using Manual focus SLRs then one will be loaded with B&W and if I want a camera for colour shots , if I don't want to use digital ( where I'd just have an NEX 7 in my pocket ) or carry two sets of lenses MF & AF, I use a film that gives results that look different . ( Otherwise I might as well have just used digital ) .

Kodak Gold , to me , has quite a "dated" look to it so gives a different look to digital , same as the Agfa Vista when I could get that .

( If you wanted really odd results , there's always Lomography's 135 films !)

I only tend to use Ektar or Portra in medium and large format as with them I'll have a camera body and lenses with separate film backs / film holders , heavy tripod etc , so I'm not carrying the extra weight of a 35mm SLR and lenses as a second system ( film or digital ) .

Ektar or Portra will give the quality I want from these larger formats .


But for colour 135 , personally , I want something different .

The OP has a Nikon d810 , I would have thought shooting film that gives a more different result from that might be preferred .

But everyone has their own preferences .

( P.S , don't feed the troll ! )

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