F100 Arrived Today ;)

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Re: F100 Arrived Today ;)

PC-dot-Com wrote:

Like new cameras of this caliber shouldn't be this affordable.

Slightly sticky back, handled that with some alcohol. Body is literally like new otherwise. Will be a nice addition to my Nikon digital gear, very familiar.

Looking forward to my first roll with it. Seems like a super solid camera, thinking some 25-50 ISO Neg film for some fall landscapes.

Have a D810, 60mm D Micro Nikkor, and ES-2 to handle the digitizing which should work remarkably well.

Any favorites for color film in that ISO range?, not wanting Velvia.

You’ll struggle finding mainstream colour films below 100ASA other than Velvia. Film photography project Low ISO is 1.6ASA ( https://filmphotographystore.com/products/35mm-color-kodak-super-low-speed-1-roll ). Any particular reason you want to use low ASA colour films?

Thanks in advance!

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