G7x Mk II Inconsistent and Noisy Images

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Re: G7x Mk II Inconsistent and Noisy Images

Your compact camera is not a dslr and should not be used as a dslr would, i have never used f8 in my life. On a compact f8 is not needed and probably degrades the final image via things like slowing down the AF.

The AF area will not change if you use center area AF mode.

Using low iso doesn't necessarily mean you will geat much lower noise. This is not a dslr. 1 inch sensors have a much higher degree of iso invariance, meaning sometimes you will get the same noise at iso 800 as you do at iso 400(example). This is especially true in low light scenarios or when you use f8 etc.

There is nothing wrong with the image of fruit at night. Some degree of softness is unavoidable in this scenario, even when using a tripod. It's not a dslr.

If you are not sure on how to use the camera or what sort of IQ to expect from it, read the manual and use a pre-programmed mode(scenery etc).

Your editing would also need to adapt to the camera you are using. Again, this is not a dslr.

For instance instead of samples of mushrooms all i see on my phone is mush. You definitely did something wrong there, and it's not the camera's fault.

When you buy a Fiat Panda and try to drive it like a Porsche, it's not going to work as expected.

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