Scanner for old photos and slides?

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Re: Scanner for old photos and slides?


Lots of photo editing programs can deal with faded photos.

If you want scanning software that does it when scanning, you have at least two choices:

1. The scanner will come with some software, possibly Silverfast or something with the ability to do software dust removal as well as convert negatives to positives.

2. Vuescan - this is an alternative to Silverfast, and it supports many scanners on Windows 10 that no longer have supported software.

I've been using Vuescan since about 2004, and the lifetime license I bought them is still valid for new versions.

Some notes on scanning negatives. It can be a pain just to feed negative strips, but the real issue is converting from negative to positive and removing the orange cast. Different negative stock requires a different set of parameters to deal with the orange cast, because the cast itself varies with the brand of film stock, plus is different for different film stocks (different ISO's) within a brand.

Vuescan has all the features you need (and then some).

But nothing will make it faster to feed all those slides and negatives through the scanner.

+1 on Vuescan, best money I have EVER spent on software.

We should all be so grateful to still have a few people like Ed Hamrick in the industry.

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