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Re: 5DMkIV is the best alternative

KariP wrote:

In Digitalcameraworld.com LAB tests the resolution difference 5DMkIV vs R5) was not very impressive

At base ISO 100 the DR (5D vs R5) is exactly the same and in higher ISO 5DMkIV is better.

Note that DR at high ISO is similar for all cameras because it's dominated by photon shot noise.

My idea was that for the money 5DMkIV is absolutely the best alternative.

The 5D4 is an excellent camera that covers a lot of use cases (subjects and print sizes). I would never debate that point, only the point that it's equal in all respects to a 5Ds/sR, R5, D850, etc. Each person has to choose what camera best fits their needs. Having said that, when someone says "landscapes" my mind runs to big prints saturated with detail. IMHO that means 5Ds/sR, R5, D850/Z7, A7r3/4, or MF.

But that's nitpicking which is better on a specific point because as I said in another post, for years any shipping DSLR would be capable of 16x24" prints with good detail. For someone who makes the occasional 20"/24" print the 5D4's features might win the day. For someone making big prints regularly, every pixel counts and maybe they're shooting MF because even an R5 isn't enough for their needs.

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