Have you taken the APS-C => FF upgrade path?

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Have you taken the APS-C => FF upgrade path?

This pops up fairly often in systems war threads. The idea that one of the bigger advantages of APS-C systems is that you have an "upgrade path" to FF. The idea is that you buy FF lenses for your APS-C camera and then buy an FF camera once you can afford it.

Frankly, this never really made much sense to me on face value, but I was also not in a position to take that path.

So here's the deal. Is this "upgrade path" actually a thing? Have you taken it? What led you to decide one way or the other?

Mind you, I'm not particularly interested in discussing the merits of the "upgrade path" as this would surely just turn into another flame war. I just want to know what people actually did with their money when faced with the APS-C vs FF conundrum.

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Yes, I bought (at least some) FF lenses for my APS-C camera and then upgraded my APS-C body to FF body.
36.5% 62  votes
No, I only had APS-C lenses and had to buy FF lenses when I upgraded to an FF body (using the same mount).
5.3% 9  votes
No, I went with APS-C with the intention of shooting APS-C.
22.4% 38  votes
I switched mounts when upgrading to FF.
13.5% 23  votes
No, I went straight to FF (bought used / entry level / other to lower the cost of entry).
2.9% 5  votes
Other - post a comment
19.4% 33  votes
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