Tripod screw broke (stock inside)

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Re: Tripod screw broke (stock inside)

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A low tech solution could be to take some thin sturdy bar of metal and super glue it to the piece and try to rotate it out that way. I'd try that before drilling. Don't use just a dab on the bottom, but put enough on there that it goes up the side of whatever piece of metal you're gluing to it, for better adhesion so that it doesn't break off when you're trying to rotate it. Just be careful to not get glue on the threads. Some painters tape could help with that.

I wouldn't even necessarily try to drill it out if that fails, instead I would try to etch a screwdriver pattern into it and then use a screwdriver to rotate it out.

Never tried that method but it sounds low risk and good first option unless adhesive acts like lock-tight.

Usually the remaining bolt is is easy to turn if your can get a pruchase on it.

Mechanical engineer here, adhesive will not do between 2 unprepared metallic surfaces. It could work with some very specialized material we use as adhesion promoters for square joints but otherwise, forget it.

Cut a slot in it with a dremel tool and unecrew it. If this fails, use an easy-out. Make sure you put a drop of loose nut and let is soak a minute before you try to unscrew.



Well keep in mind, it's a tripod screw, we're not trying to lift a truck with tape or remove a screw from a wall stud. Tripod screws aren't that tightly screwed in. You just need enough force to rotate it, it's not a bridge you need to make last for 50 years.

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