Scanner for old photos and slides?

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Re: Scanner for old photos and slides?

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The Epson V600 is a solid workhorse that will do a good job on prints and slides and negs.

If the target audience consists of friends and relatives, it will do just fine. If your budget is not constrained, the V850 will scan a lot more slides at a time. Lots of folks here also photograph slides with good results given a proper setup.

Scanning thousands of prints can be tedious. I got a reconditioned DS-520 - I think the current model would be Epson ES-500 which has a document feeder and it will scan at up to 30 per minute. Handles all sizes up to letter at 600dpi.

If you want to pay double the Epson FF-680 is specifically designed for scanning thousands of photos.

Thanks, I will check those models out! Where did you find a reconditioned model?

So yours doesn't do slides?

I have an Epson V500, and Epson V850 - these do prints, slides and negatives. I do slides only on the V850 since it will do 12 at a time. I also use the V850 for negs since - it will do 18 35mm frames at a time as well as a variety of other negative sizes. The V500 can handle fewer items at a time.

I have an Epson DS-520 - it does bulk scanning using a document feeder that I use for general prints.

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