Scanner for old photos and slides?

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Speed scanner

I went through this last year.  If you have a lot of albums and prints to scan, using a flatbed is just not feasible.  You will get the best quality that way, but you might only get 30 done per hour.  If you have a couple thousand photos to scan, this just turned into a multi-year project.

For "good enough" quality, there are a couple good options.  Epson Fast Foto or Plustek ePhoto.  The Epson is slightly better quality and auto feeds, but much more expensive and a little finicky.   The Plustek is cheap and a little less picky and easy to keep clean.  You just hand feed photos is as fast as you can and it scans a 4x6 in about 3 seconds.  You can blow through a stack of 36 in a couple minutes.  Just wipe the lens to keep dust in check and start on another 36.   I did a few thousand photos in 2 weeks. With the Plustek.

I don't know about slides, though.  I didn't have any of those.

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