Scanner for old photos and slides?

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Re: Scanner for old photos and slides?

I bought a Nikon LS-4000 years ago to do this sort of thing.   That's when I found out just how much a pain it can be.  I have several thousand slides dating back to the 1940's to deal with, some in medium format metal slide mounts.

The slide scanner proved to be extremely slow and tedious, so I bought an expensive slide feeder to try to automate things.  This is back in the days of pretty slow computers running Window XP or older...

The slide feeder promised to give me automated processing of 50 slides.   In practice it gave me a slide jam every 20-25 slides, plus the occasional double-exposure as it fed two slides through.   And eventually it just quit working entirely.

So I fell back on my trusty Epson 2400.   And while it is no LS-4000, the need for LS-4000 IQ seems to have faded a bit.   My best scans still look like cr*p compared to a modern digital photograph.

A side benefit of using this flatbed scanner is that it can scan multiple slides at the same time.  It came with a 35mm plastic holder than holds 6 slides at a time, and the software can automatically separate the scans into individual files.  Of course you can also scan prints with a flatbed.

Some issues you will be faced with:

1. dust, dust, dust.   Get some sort of anti-static device and a dust brush

2. warped slide mounts.  non-standard slide mount thickness.

3.  slides should face in one direction.

4. scratch/dust removal in software ('ICE")

5. file naming scheme (no EXIF data until you generate some).

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