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First you absolutely should have a written contract for every assignment - I write up a contract spelling out TFP work with models. I can assure you this help both you and your client so everyone is on the same page. Absolutely have a written contract!!! This is basic business etiquette.

Second yes you should get some type of advance upfront. This both secures your schedule and again assures both parties of the professional obligations. For me I require a 50% upfront non-refundable deposit.  I can't tell you how many time when I've let this slide it's bitten me.

Seeing that everything is delivered via a gallery download these days I can submit a link to the gallery where they can review the images but must make a PayPal payment prior to download.  I haven't found a streamlines web platform for this I thought pshelter was going to be the solution but their fees were so ridiculous that it didn't make it worth it, so for me it's still a bit clunky with some email communications. I am hoping my bank's Venmo will advance so this can become a streamlined feature within the web gallery without a bunch of service fees.

You most definitely should have a written up contract.

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