How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

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Re: How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

HenrilensUK wrote:

In this case it would be a picture to hang at home, so it needs to be able to be examined from a few inches. There seems to be a fair debate on line with confusion between DPI and PPI. Guys, I came to DPreview for a definitive answer. Thanks if anyone is able to help resolve this.

You can print it as big as you want. There is no grain or noise really with a D700 at low ISO. If you interpolate to the size you want you won't see jagged lines or anything like that. The larger you print it the softer it may look but if you have all the details you would expect to see in the subject it will work just fine.
At higher ISOs the larger you print the more the noise will be visible but if you use the higher ISOs and use the noise (grain) artistically then still even very large prints will be fine.
A 42inch wide print from D700 at low ISO will look great.
Don't over think it just do it.
I worked for 7 years making prints with wide format inkjet printers. When the Canon 5D and Nikon D2 came out with 12 mp we were all like wow these prints look amazing.

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