RX10IV Settings For Bird Photography

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Re: RX10IV Settings For Bird Photography

cheddarman wrote:

bcalvanese wrote:

cheddarman wrote:

bcalvanese wrote:

cheddarman wrote:

bcalvanese wrote:

How are these?

Well done, all quite acceptable.

Thank you, and they are all straight out of the camera.

Thanks for the tips too. Very helpful.

Now for BIF 😎😎

The big advantage of these amazing digital cameras is that practice is FREE! Once you've got the camera there is no costly processing to pay for. You can run off hundreds of shots, look at them instantly and if you don't like them, delete them, unlike the old film days.

This is probably the best BIF I got so far.

This was prior to your suggestions though.

Good start. You need to up the shutter speed a bit, especially as you are hand held at full zoom. Sacrifice a bit of ISO and why the -ve EV or had it moved by itself, mine does!

I read somewhere that shutter speed should be a hundredth of a second for every mm of the zoom. So 600 mm zoom would be 1/600th right?

The birds where coming out over exposed so I lowered the EV.

Like I said, I took this shot before I started this thread and got your advice, so if I would have set the shutter speed higher, I probably would not have had to lower the EV. Right?

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