Scanner for old photos and slides?

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Re: Scanner for old photos and slides?

Have you tried searching the PC, Printing and or Retouching Forums for the MANY past threads on scanners? Also, photos is kind of a generic term for "images". So you might mean you want to scan prints and or slides. Do you want to also scan negative film, which again, is a "photo" or image.

Also, there is some great info on YouTube and the web in general, actually LOTS of information if you use a search engine.

Otherwise, as suggested, the Epson or Canon print and film scanners are likely your most versatile all in one option but as stated, it can be a long tedious process, so it may be more cost effective to send your prints, slides or negatives out to an online scanning operation, especially if you have zero experience doing the scanning yourself and not much experience processing the scanned files, which is another slow process as individual scans, even from a service, nearly always require tweaking or retouching or at least removal of dust and scratches, which are nearly impossible to remove all in the scanning stage. Again, before you buy a scanner, search the forums, the web and YouTube on scanning info and tutorials.

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