ND and filter kit for landscape photography

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Re: ND and filter kit for landscape photography

BBbuilder467 wrote:

Pendraggon87 wrote:

I got a great gift card for B&H as a gift, and was looking at possibly getting a filter kit.

All of my filters are currently screw on 72mm, but since I got a new camera (A7RIII) and my lenses are the Tamron 17-28 and 28-200, as well as the Samyang 35, I've been making do with some adapter rings and vignetting.

I prefer landscape photography as a hobby, so I am not looking for the best and greatest that all professionals get, but ideally if there is a decent filter system that includes a CPL and some ND/GND filters, that would be awesome.

So far, I've been looking into:

  • H&Y magnetic K series
  • Formatt Hitech 100m Firecrest kit (not sure which kit though)
  • Nisi
  • Lee
  • Cokin

From what I've read, Lee has some pretty bad color cast with their ND filters, vs Nisi and Firecrest. The H&Y intrigued me because it looked really simple and also blocked light best from what I've seen.

Any thoughts appreciated!

The first concern with a holder is where and how you mount the CPL. Some are dedicated designs that mount in the rear, others adapt to the front. Some offer a design that can rotate a square CPL independently.

For the most part, the rectangular filters are interchangeable. You don't necessarily have to use the same brand as the holder.

If I didn't use GNDs occasionally, I wouldn't bother with a holder.

I've never used a GND and I'd really like to experiment.  The H&Y series looked interesting, as did Nisi, in that the CPL gets mounted but can easily be rotated on the side.

My major concerns with the holders are:

  • Ability to get a "core" set of filters + holder etc. for $500 or less
  • color cast
  • light leak
  • stability 
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