Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

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Re: Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

emailsucks98 wrote:

Thanks Ken. I don’t seem to shoot at focal lengths longer than 35mm often - Somewhat due to lack of practice I am sure. Is there an adapter/ef/ef-s combo you’d suggest over the ef-m 18-150 or the sigma Ef-m 18-200?

I am hoping to get the sigma 16mm f1.4.

I, and many others, use the Ef-s 55-250 with great results, via an inexpensive adapter, on M series cameras.  It's not the fastest tele,  but it's lightweight and balances well.

Personally, I'm not particularly a fan of the "all purpose" lenses, like the EF-M 18-150.  My copy's IQ, compared to my other lenses, like the 15-45, is so-so, especially at the longer end.  And, it's not really that wide either, but would pair well with the 11-22 I suspect.

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