My 5D comes out of the closet...again.

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My 5D comes out of the closet...again.

Some background first...On Nov 1, 2006, (the date's correct because I found the B&H email today)  received a Canon ad for big rebates for 5D body only and lens, so the time had come for a digital camera and an order to B&H was placed. Back then, architectural photography was needed here, big time, and wanting to start a sideline business, then the recession hit.

The camera was used to shoot a few houses and three weddings, then my career took off and photography was put on the way, way back burner. To be honest, I'd been shooting film for years and years, but at the time (2009), other things piqued my interest. I kept telling myself that I can always pick up photography where I'd left off.

This past weekend, I'm upstairs in one of our daughters bedrooms (now used for storage) and I unbox the 5D, the A-1 and AE-1Program and the rest of the equipment. You know those movie scenes were a blinding light comes through the window and something akin to angels singing? Well, it wasn't quite like that, but close.

This camera & lens weren't cheap, but I earned the money from the aforementioned jobs. I guessing this camera hasn't taken more than 3,000 images.

Today, even with the low image count, I'm guessing the body isn't worth much and I don't plan sell it, but...

Here's my questions:

(1) Will the lens work with current bodies? and, if so;

(2) Should I get an updated body and if so, which one(s) should be considered.

Thanks for the feedback!

BTW, I was a member here in the early 2000s through about 2008, though my, then, username escapes me.

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