Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

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Re: Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

DjangoChained wrote:

One thing to consider when buying any camera, unfortunately, is that the future of the world is kind of unclear.

No brand is immune to the camera sales trends, or the current state of the global supply chain. So I'm focusing on products that are currently available.

Speaking of which, maybe this M50 mk2 will be announced this week, but I think the M6 might still be a better fit for me.

@Kcook, I hadn't considered that I might miss the PASM dial....

I did really like the Olympus lenses, and I wonder how much I will miss them. But I am excited to have functional AF and better IQ!

I've been thinking a speedbooster is the answer to any limitations in lens selection. Tried one on my old Sony Nex and liked it enough. But I think the canon 11-22, sigma 16 and Tamron 18-200 would cover all my needs, if I go Canon. Leaning that way, obviously.

The Fuji sounds pretty compelling. I have two concerns, one is that the price of the 10-24 along with the XT-30 kit will exceed my budget, and the other is size. The XT 4 is weather sealed but would not leave me enough $ left for a wider angle lens and would be even larger, so I think it's out.

I live about :90 from a camera store that has both the XT-30 and M6 in stock, I'm planning on trying them both in person next weekend and bring something home.

Thanks again everyone for the feedback, much appreciated. Love to hear any other thoughts, and I will update this post once I land something....

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