Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

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Re: Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

ChelseaPhotographer wrote:

It looks like Canon is doing to discontinue the M Mount, so I would not invest in that. The Fujis are super fun to use, and given that you want an APS-C, I would go with the X-T3. If you can afford a little more, the X-T4, for the IBIS.

Pure speculation, and so what?  The OP knows what he wants now.  Who buys for what may or may not be there in future years?

I went from a 70D to a m6ii last year.  Best move I've made in a long time.  Much lighter, more versatile and, big bonus, I have an even broader lens choice:  EF, EF-S, and EF-M.  Even if the M system went away, I'm hardly dead in the water, so to speak.

There are those around who complain that the Ef-M lenses are too slow.  They want a EF-M f 2.8 zoom.  But, of course, they can have that now, just in an adapted EF or EF-S mount.  It just won't be as small and light as the native M zooms, because you can't have a fast zoom lens that's also small and light.  Physics doesn't allow for it!

Canon knows this.  The complainers and doomsayers don't seem to!

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