Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

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Re: ___________ Canon EOS-M6 mkII

emailsucks98 wrote:

Appreciate some input here, I'm ready to purchase!

I'm looking for a relatively compact ILC set-up which will be used for landscape, hiking/mountain biking , a few portraits and general hobbyist use. I rarely shoot video and I do tend to gravitate towards the 16-24mm focal lengths. I do shoot raw and do my PP on an iPad. Budget is $1700ish.

I am coming off a Olympus OMD EM5 mkII and had the 7-14 & 12-40 pro lenses, among others. I loved the lenses, but ultimately the fiddly menu systems and AF performance motivated me to sell that system off. I did love the livetime/comp modes and manual controls.

Prior to the M4/3 kit, I had a Sony A7 and before that a nex-6. Looking back at my photos, the most keepers were taken with the Nex-6 with the sony 10-18 lens. I did dislike the sony menus/UI enough I'm not particularly interested in another sony. I also didn't get on well with the size of the full frame set-up, especially the larger lenses with limited range.

Oh- I do also have a Canon G7x mkII which I LOVE. I really like the Canon menu/UI experience and iPhone app. This is primarily my biking camera.

So all that has me leaning towards a Canon EOS M6 with the 11-22 lens, along with either the canon 18-150 or a tamron 18-200. And maybe the Sigma 16mm f1.4. The detachable viewfinder is sort of a bonus for me, as is the kit lens, as that would make for a pocketable hiking/biking option. I do wish it had weather sealing and IBIS.

The Fuji XT-3 is also in my price range, has weather sealing, and gets great (better?) reviews. But I do lean towards canon since I've always loved their cameras.

Appreciate any input!

yes, Canon M6ii and Canon 11-22 - small and light

and the Canon M system can easily use DSLR lenses

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