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a_c_skinner wrote:

A bit late to this, apologies.

I spent a while firing a big flash into a big white umbrella. Nice soft light but a lot of clobber to carry.

White dead nettle

Latterly I've down sized gear and have been using the tiny on camera flash but making an effort to balance it with the available illumination.

Yellow Star of Bethlehem

It isn't always possible to do this well, but the saving of cost and weight does compensate a good deal. Bit more here .

Morning Andrew, thank you very much  for this, very much appreciated

Firstly can I just say brilliant images. Since writing this post, I have actually gone down the same sort of route/thinking of yourself and have actually purchased the Olympus STF-8 Macro Twin Flash kit.

My reasoning is again pretty much the same as your reasoning, I had an old LED panel but found that like you say, it’s hard to balance and blend this with the natural light available. so then after reading some of the very kind comments I tried to adapt my standard flash speed light, with different homemade diffusion, off & off camera, but again just found it quite cumbersome, a pain to set up each time (especially when using off camera) and the actual light was most of the time it was a bit too much light even in manual mode lowest setting do to the physical size of the speed light and GN. However I did find it easier to blend with the natural light, especially in manual mode.

So following this I decided to go for the STF-8 Macro Twin Flash kit and I have to say it brilliant and perfect for macro in my opinion! For starts the flash heads are perfect size/GN for most everyday macro situations, It’s lightweight, easy to attach to the camera/lens & once on its there ready to go, with just a couple of easy dials to set from TTL mode to manual mode where you can change the power & even choose whether you use both or just one of the flash heads at once. I also find the following to be a brilliant feature, especially when trying to blend with natural light, as you can also move each flash head around a 360 degree ring, which enables you to position the flatheads based on where the natural light is or to help create creative lighting. And to add to this you can also remove the flash heads from the ring easily, which are attached to a good length cord, so you can then even hold one/both head(s) behind/or around a subject if you so wish too.

I do agree that there may be time when a larger flash speed light maybe more suite, for example if your doing macro/close up, in a studio style set up or even a time when and LED panel may be handy for certain situations where flash may just not be good for colours ect. However again this being said for me most of the time when shooting macro, I’m going in the garden or going for a walk with the camera & macro lens, to find bugs, flowers and fungus ext to shoot... and it’s in this situation that I find the STF-8 to be the perfect companion, for the reasons I have explained above. 🙂

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