Flash portrait , Z6, 85mm f1.8

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Re: Flash portrait , Z6, 85mm f1.8

Karl-FR wrote:

Hello Z users !

I love this focal length for indoor portrait with Flash.

I don't know if I can post here, but I want to improve myself into portraits.

Any advise about skin color, the model attitude, post editing ?

Hope to have some good advice like last time with milky way ^^'

Best regard, karl

Exif : Exif : 85mm | 1/160 | f8 | iso 100 | Flash 600 / 8

Well right off the bat, I can say you cut off her one hand. Big no-no in cropping, and I think you cropped too tight on the right side (cut off her elbow). Also you may want to consider cropping somewhere between the waist and knees (ie. show a bit more of her thighs. So my biggest items here would be cropping.

As for her skin color, what white balance did you use? Her skin tone looks a bit too warm. Perhaps set your white balance to either Flash or use a grey card (I would opt for a grey card for better color). Or you could try cloudy in a pinch (adds warmth).

I'm also curious about what she is looking at. It appears she isn't looking at you, but it's almost like she's looking past you (the photographer's position) at something else. Just my personal preference, I either like the models to look at me, or look away on purpose, like they're looking at something else in the frame.

I would also add (and this is just my personal preference and what I see) but the lighting looks a bit harsh (shadows appear a bit harsh too), but again I don't know exactly what you're trying to accomplish here so maybe you wanted that look... I'm not sure.

One other quick suggestion... and this is more about the scene... if the model is going to be photographed on a solid background, you may want to consider lighting the bavckground somewhat, to give separation and depth.  Again, just a suggestion.

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