Selling most of my Nikon equipment

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Re: Selling most of my Nikon equipment

djd97 wrote:

yazcui wrote:

Wow, those here suggesting MPB, KEH, and BH. What a rip-off!

I have a lens selling for $950 used online, and they quoted me $400-500 for. What a joke.

Here are better options: Sell on ebay. Essentially you'll pay 12%. So my $950 lens would get me $836.

What about locally? You can sell things on Facebook Marketplace, that way you actually get to see the buyer (their FB profile) and possibly make a local sale, get 100% profit. Sometimes you can ship through FB too, and if you do, a paypal transaction only costs you 2.9%. Using my $950 lens example, I'd be making $922.

You can get similar profits via reddit's photo market and fred miranda (FM charges a small additional fee just to sell).

Even if I sell used on amazon I'd still make $870 for my $950 lens.

Compare all that to $400-500.

Go ahead and use MPB, KEH, and BH if you want to get royally ripped-off! Maybe I'll start my own "camera gear-buying" company, if people are so eager to get swindled.

All trade in services for all products take a very healthy margin to account for long periods of items just sitting around and just general operating overhead. Of course you can get more by selling on your own but then you have to deal with the hassle of meeting up with someone and wasting the time or the risk of selling online and getting screwed in one way or another.

I've sold plenty of camera gear using the aforementioned avenues. Maybe I'm lucky, but all of my transactions have gone smoothly, and it doesn't take any more time than using "professional" buying services.

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