Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

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Re: Canon EOS-M6 mkII, Fuji XT-3, or...?

One thing to consider when buying EOS M, unfortunately, is that the future of the system is kind of unclear.

What is clear is that the engineering efforts of Canon are concentrated on the R system, and that M and R are incompatible. No one outside Canon really knows how they want to deal with it.

There are many rumors around: some say Canon will announce 5 new M lenses this year and a flagship body; others say the flagship body might come, no new lenses, and afterwards EOS M will be canceled. An APS-C body with RF mount seems to come in any case.

Since Canon refuses to comment on the situation and there's no Roadmap, nobody really knows.

So, what I want to say is: EOS M is a neat little system, and if it has all the lenses you ever need, by all means buy into it. If you are looking for a system though for which you can flesh out your lens collection over many years, or hope that future bodies with advanced technology will come, you might be in for a disappointment.

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