Not much love about the 12-200?

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Re: Not much love about the 12-200?

Yannis1976 wrote:

I generally love zoom lenses due to their versatility and was really impressed that Olympus released such a lens. However I hardly find any posts about it here or in the u43 forum. Is the lens that bad or people don't care about it?

I bought the 12-200 earlier this year for a trip that I was planning. I did a qiuck test when it arrived and it seemed OK, but the trip was cancelled so I didn't do a good test. Big mistake. I decided to do a more extensive test about a month ago and the results were anything but good. The lens was quite sharp at 12-50mm and was OK up to around 100mm, but it was not very good from 100-200mm. In fact the closer I got to 200 mm the worse it was. Almost mushy. I mean, what is the point of a 12-200 mm lens that is only decent fron 12-100 mm? I sold the lens. Maybe I received a bad copy, but I would certainly not recommend this lens to anyone else. Very disappointing.

Regards, Dave

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