Selling most of my Nikon equipment

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Re: Selling most of my Nikon equipment

Wow, those here suggesting MPB, KEH, and BH. What a rip-off!

I have a lens selling for $950 used online, and they quoted me $400-500 for. What a joke.

Here are better options: Sell on ebay. Essentially you'll pay 12%. So my $950 lens would get me $836.

What about locally? You can sell things on Facebook Marketplace, that way you actually get to see the buyer (their FB profile) and possibly make a local sale, get 100% profit. Sometimes you can ship through FB too, and if you do, a paypal transaction only costs you 2.9%. Using my $950 lens example, I'd be making $922.

You can get similar profits via reddit's photo market and fred miranda (FM charges a small additional fee just to sell).

Even if I sell used on amazon I'd still make $870 for my $950 lens.

Compare all that to $400-500.

Go ahead and use MPB, KEH, and BH if you want to get royally ripped-off! Maybe I'll start my own "camera gear-buying" company, if people are so eager to get swindled.

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