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Re: 5DMkIV is the best alternative

raven4ns2 wrote:

I own the Canon 1Ds mkii which was my first digital camera. All my other cameras are film. The only reason I got the 1Ds was it was as close to the EOS 3 that I could get. I love the EOS 3 and it's ECF, I was hoping they would have made a digital equivalent.

Now I'm looking for a camera that has good high ISO to allow me to leave my tripod at home or in the car. With the newer cameras I'm sure they will provide better ISO than a camera 17 years old.

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Does this new camera have to be a Canon? Reason I ask, is taking things out of the equation like AF, handling, build quality, etc., and focusing on just the sensor performance, the top 35mm sensors for high resolution, DR and noise are:

In no particular order:

Sony 60mp in A7R4 - best res, great DR, decent noise

Sony 42mp sensors found in A7R2, A7R3 - Better high ISO than the 60mp sensor

Sony 45mp found only in D850 - possibly the best all around.  Best DR.

Canon 45mp in R5 - yet to be fully understood, but so far looks to be quite stellar.

For a camera focused on landscapes, one of these sensors is ideally what you want if you're going after the best available today.  Of those sensors, the cheapest camera with one of those sensors is the Sony A7RII.  $1400 new, under $1K used.  You'll need an adapter for your Canon lenses, which is about $250-400 depending on the model.  If you don't care about AF performance, handling, speed, etc., and just want the "best sensor in a box" to record landscapes, this camera is hard to ignore.

And no, I don't currently own any Sony cameras (I have had the A7R) or have an agenda to push Sony.  Just simply stating, if you're on a tight budget but want a high res/high DR landscape body, this camera should be very high on the short list.

Yes, the 5D4 is an excellent camera (I have one) and can take amazing landscape photos.  But, I will concede that if landscapes were my top priority, a body with almost 50% more pixels, better DR, sensor image stabilization, and is also significantly cheaper would be what I'd lean towards.

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