EOS R6 + EF 100mm f/2.8L lens test (PICS)

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Re: To: nail33 - Re: IBIS with this lens

Marco Nero wrote:

nail33 wrote:

I've been following your thread with great interest, as your testing is more "practical" than strictly all about the specs. I am curious if the hybrid OIS of the 100L works in conjuncture with the IBIS of the R6. If not, do you think it will be possible in the future with a FW update.

I feel fairly sure that the R6 was using IBIS with the EF 100mmL Macro lens' OIS -  I'd say that with my unsteady hands, that this lens was also working in tandem with the IBIS of the camera. I'm sure someone else with this lens can put it to the test but I'm fairly convinced that the IBIS was active for these shots.

Thanks Marco for responding to my query. I currently am using the EF 100 macro (non L) on my 6D. I may consider buying the R6 in the future with the EF 100L or an RF 100 macro if they make it. Your information is very helpful.

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