Would you recommend the 16 2.8 for someone who already has 18-55?

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Re: Would you recommend the 16 2.8 for someone who already has 18-55?

jonathanblanchflower wrote:

considering this little lens for walkarounds but not sure if it's worth it as I already have 18mm 2.8 at the wide end with the kit zoom. Can anyone vouch for this lens? I hear a lot of apparently warranted praise for the 16 1.4 but not as much for its lil brother.

I have both the 16 2.8 and the 18-55 and, while I like both, I rarely use them together - the 16 2.8 doesn't feel that much wider and so I rarely feel the need to pull it out of my pocket when I've already got the 18-55 on my camera.

However, I do like the 16 2.8 in a prime-only kit or when I want to do one camera/one lens.  It's the smallest lens that I own and, while it's not a pancake, it's great for going light and fast.  I'm happy with the IQ and it's got decent magnification (so you can get fairly close for a little bit of subject separation), but the lens' one stand-out attribute for me is the small size.  I think the lens hood looks cool too, for whatever that's worth.

I did pick up the 16 1.4 this week and it's on a whole other level (superior magnification and fantastic contrast/sharpness), but it's much heavier (relatively speaking) and comparable in size to the kit zoom.  It's better than the 16 2.8 at most things, but unlike the smaller lens I don't think I'd want to carry it around my neck all day.

If you want wider than 18 then I'd second (or third) the other posters recommending a used copy of the 14 2.8.  I think you'll pay another $100 to $150 over a new 16 2.8 though.  I haven't used it, but it has a rep for having some of Fuji's best IQ.  If it's anything like the 16 1.4 it'll be a show-stopper and noticeably better than the 16 2.8.  If you don't care about the 2.8 part you could also sell your 18-55 and get a 16-80; netted out you'll spend about the same amount of money and you won't need to worry about lens changes.

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